Andy"s Acres Sassy *2M

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Meet Sassy

Miss Sassy is the daughter to Miss Summer. Sassy is a quiet, sweet girl, that is always willing to come to the milk stand. She is a wonderful mother, and an easy kidder. She is very friendly and has a wonderful personality.

Andy's Acres Nigerian Dwarf Goats

ADGA Linear Appraisal V+E+84

Miss Sassy participated in Linear Appraisal as a one year old, first freshener. Sassy scored Very Good in shoulder assembly, front legs, feet, back, udder texture, and general appearance. She scored a Excellent in body capacity. We are very happy to see this score as she is still very young and still maturing. We cant wait to see how her scores are this coming season.

Dairy Goats


Miss Sassy participated in ADGA's performance program that tracks and records her milk production. Sassy earned her Advanced Registry milk stars in both butterfat and protein. Sassy is our first *2M and we are very excited to see how much her production increases as her udder matures. She has very nice sized teats that have nice, open orifices and milks out easily. She is a very cooperative girl on the milkstand...we LOVE that!