Andy's Acres SC Chickadee


Meet DeeDee

Deedee is the daughter of our doe Sassy, and is the second generation we have retained from our foundation doe, Summer. We are very excited to get Deedee on milk test and Linear appraisal. 



DeeDee participated in the performance program that tracks milk production and components. Miss Deedee was put on test with only doing once a day milking, and unfortunately was just shy of earning her milk star. I have no doubt that she would have easily earned her M* if I had managed her lactation on the typical 2x a day. Deedee was dried off at 218 DIM with 352# of milk, 19# BF, 15# Protein


Linear Appraisal

We are very excited to get this young lady appraised this season. She freshened with the most delightful, well attached udder. She also sports a nice long body, and wonderful spring of rib.