Dancing Angels Summer *1M

Andy's Acres Goats

Meet Miss Summer

Summer is one of our favorite foundation does, and our current herd queen. She is a wonderful mother, very friendly to people and a willing and abundant producer as well as an easy kidder. All things we appreciate in our herd lines. Summer is also very photogenic (as you can see) and has been featured as the cover girl on Dairy Goat Journal!

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

ADGA Linear Appraisal VEE+86

Summer participated in her first Linear Appraisal through ADGA this past season and received excellent scores for head, shoulder assembly, front legs, back, dairy strength, and body capacity. Summer also scored Very Good on rear legs, udder texture,and general appearanc

Goats Milk


Summer also participated in the ADGA performance program that measures and records her production. Summer easily earned her Advanced Registry milk stars for butterfat and protein.