SG Andy's Acres Jinx *1M

Andy's Acres Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Meet Jinx

Miss Jinx was the very first kid that was delivered here at Andy's Acres. She is very special to us and will remain here as one of our foundation does. Miss Jinx is very friendly, a wonderful mother, an easy kidder and an abundant and very willing producer. 

Andy's Acres Nigerian Dwarf Goats

ADGA Linear Appraisal +VVV85

Miss Jinx participated in Linear Appraisal this past season as a two year old, first freshener. Jinx scored Very Good for back, udder texture, dairy strength, body capacity, and mammary. We will be very excited to see how she scores this season as she has really matured so much.

Andy's Acres Nigerian Dwarf Goats


Miss Jinx participated in ADGA's performance program that tracks and records her milk production. Jinx easily earned her Advanced Registry milk stars for butterfat, protein and quantity. Jinx was well on her way to producing over 1,ooo pounds of milk for the season, but we ended up drying her off a little early to prep her for breeding season. We  are very excited to see how she produces this coming season. Jinx also boasts very easy to milk teats and is very cooperative. 


News For 2019!

We are very proud to announce that Miss Jinx was awarded the Superior Genetics designation this season! This is a permanent designation, and actually becomes a part of her name. Jinx was awarded this for her Production Type Index.